Chido Nwangwu -book on MLK-Mandela-Achebe-2018

“A first-rate work on the great civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jnr., and two of Africa’s most credible leaders in politics (Mandela) and literature (Achebe) by a thoroughly informed and credible writer who has focused for the past 25 years on Africa in the international arena.” George Kennedy, U.S Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, rtd

“Nelson Mandela and Chinua Achebe, the colossi of the 20th/21st centuries African renaissance: two nearly-lookalikes, two nearly-dictions alike; one born in Mveso, Xhosa wetlands of the eastern Cape, south Africa on 18 July 1918, the other born in Ogidi, Igbo rainforest of west Africa on 16 November 1930; one, Father of the successful struggle for the restoration of African lost independence in South Africa, the other, Father of African Literature. Well done, Chido!” Prof. Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

ISBN 978-0-9893970-0-1



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Janet Mphulima

From here in Cape Town, South Africa, I commend you for such a timeless book. Schools in Africa and around the world should get copies.

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